Juanita Francis



Juanita Francis, born in London, UK is the eldest daughter of Bishop John & Co-Pastor Penny Francis, Ruach City Church, UK. Her ministry of the Word is unique and remarkable for one so young and yet not surprising as she is birthed from such a powerful anointing. Juanita is clearly talented but she will be the first to admit that her success is solely as a result of the anointing that rests on her life. An atmosphere changer, her ministry ushers everyone into the presence of the Lord for an experience that is truly life changing.


Patricia Benjamin


Patricia Benjamin is a certified and licensed Life Coach as well as host of the award winning Ask Patricia Show, for which she was voted by public vote Best Radio Personality of the Year.

Her background is one of pastoral ministry as well as counselling for women.

She works specially with women to help them live their best lives despite the challenges of every day life.

Her current weekly show, The RealLoveShow, looks at love from all angles, whether it be sexual love, family affairs, marital love, or the love of friends.

Although Patricia welcomes both male and female listeners it is a show from a women’s viewpoint. Nonetheless there are  male relationship coaches on the show each month.

She has covered such topics as Mother/daughter Love, Why some mothers hate their own daughters, Fathers and their daughters,  Abuse in families, the 5 Love languages, waiting whilst dating (or not), the rise in the grey divorce, marital intimacy and more.

She has interviewed guests such as Paul Carrick Brunson from Oprah Winfrey Network, known as the “real life Hitch”, gospel superstar Fred Hammond, soul diva Jocelyn Brown and LA Celebrity Relationship Coach Ryeal Simms as seen in Essence Magazine.

Patricia also runs events; ladies  breakfasts, relationship seminars, workshops for women on self esteem, relationships and emotional & spiritual well being.

She is married to her husband Christopher, of 29 years and they have 4 children together.

Steven Johnson


Bro Steve has been involved in ministry for over 25 years. Born in England, Steve re-located to Jamaica in 1983 where he became a born again Christian within the Spanish Town New Testament Church of God. In those early days He was appointed a Sunday School teacher but due to the rapid growth of his class, it was divided in two & he was promoted to start an outreach Sunday School within the local community which also proved successful. As he transitioned into over facets of ministry, he was instrumental in appointing other teachers to carry on the work.

After collaborating with a former school friend, Steve went on to produce a series of Island-wide all night gospel shows that were aired live on the local radio enabling thousands to listen to these events. It was during this time that he started a gospel ministry and began outreach missions to the local orphanages where he provided clothes and other items as well as teaching Sunday School.

As the shows ended, Steve continued to Evangelise by becoming an on air presenter on KLAS FM hosting a one hour gospel show. During this period Bro Steve could be found mentoring young men & women in the local community, prayer walking and it was not uncommon for his parents to announce people at his home waiting for prayer & counsel.

In 2000 Steve returned to England and continued his involvement with evangelism by helping to run a community youth club. He was instrumental in introducing prayer & witnessing at the end of these sessions despite council reservations. Many of those young people went on to University and remain in contact with him.

Within the local church, Bro Steve was given responsibility for a failing youth program that was meant to bring four churches together for youth expression & evangelism. After much prayer Bro Steve instituted a program that continues to this day to raise thousands of pounds for scholarships, grants and youth ministries on the New Testament Church of God West Croydon district of churches.

Personally, Bro Steve has been married for over 12 years and has 3 children. He is a Company Director & programmer for his own company but is seeking God for the transition to ministry. He is a regular within Croydon, evangelising & working with various evangelism groups to spread the good news. In response to this Bro Steve was led to start an on-line ministry that broadcasts the Bible daily as well as offers prayers and encouragement to the local community.

Bro Steve can be currently heard hosting the Gospel Reverb on Ruach Radio where he continues to share his enthusiasm and tips for motivating listeners to evangelise their local community & family.

David James


David James formerly known as Babyface Jay/ Jamie Hustle, Was born and raised in London UK. David has a history of music starting from a young age, at 17 he started out playing on House & Garage pirate radios Stations in the early mid 90’s, swiftly moving David began working and distributing & dealing with marketing and promotion for record companies, with his own ideas he set up his own cash up front distributing plans which turned out to be a success for the record labels he worked with.

Apart from Djing in the clubs, David furthered in his field by producing his own music and started releasing records funded by himself and signed records and remixed to various companies Independent and Major IE. The Pure Garage Series mixed by DJ EZ. Numerous of times throughout the years David music has brought him to airplay and guest spotlights on BBC Radio 1/1xtra, BBC ASIAN Network, KISS FM, CHOICE FM, RINSE FM and all the leading pirate stations, music magazines DJ, MIXMAG etc.

Currently David has started fresh with a change of direction and view, after a turnaround and encounter with God and the Holy Spirit calling him out at a church service to be called David, his future is set for a greater calling, knowing his purpose he’s moving swiftly in the spirit to his goals set.

You can tune into his show, The House Of David, an hour filled with Soulful Gospel House music and scriptures read from the KJV Bible.

Every Weekend Friday’s 9pm-10pm (GMT)

Live on

Chris Generals


Mr Chris from the Gospel Generals has been in the music industry for over 25 years – I initially went under the name chris finesse in the secular world, but since God found me, in the last 10years i have been known as Chris GG when i formed THE GOSPEL GENERALS. As a Gospel DJ, music is my chosen medium to engage people and evangelise the message of Christ. Over the years i have discovered that “music” is a very powerful outreach/engagement tool. I’ve honed and developed my dee-jaying/MC skills to a high level, and I am called upon to ‘minister in music’, mixing and blending the hottest tunes at events ranging from corporate black tie affairs, to traditional family functions, weddings, club nights and youth orientated outreach programmes.

Previously: I have been on a number of radio stations including G Force Radio & Luv316 with a guest stint on Jesus House radio.

Current situation: I do a programme on called the GET CONNECTED SHOW on a Wednesday from 6pm. On this programme i play gospel music in its entirety connecting the streets to the Kingdom.

 Why Book Gospel Generals? I make sure my music is up to date and I’m an expert at keeping the audiences engaged when I MC at events.